HEDG Summer meeting June 16-17th 2022

17th June 2022



9.45am – Arrival and BYO pre-meeting refreshments – All


10.00am – 10.20am – Welcome, Introductions and Aims of the Day – Isabel and #JP2 (standing in for illustrious Chair)


1.       To further develop relationships across the HEDG membership

2.       To develop a HEDG CPD series (HEDG Growth) as a shared responsibility, that will support our own and the sector’s development

3.       To share CPD approaches we use in our institutions to support its academic/educational development

4.       To discuss, share and select projects, scholarship and/or research topics on which HEDG members may wish to collaborate

5.       To better understand the different journeys to a Professorial title for Educational Developers


10.20am – 11.10am – Activating Our Creativity (Aim 1) – Caitlin and #JP2


11.10am – 12noon – The Journey to Professor in Educational Development (Aim 5) – Emily 

Windows into the narratives of some of the UK’s Professors and how to evidence your claim within Educational Developer roles


12noon – 12.45pm – Gaze and Graze or joint a breakout room for a social lunch


12.45pm – 1.45pm – How do you approach CPD for staff in your organisation beyond the PGCert / Apprenticeship? (Aim 1, 3) – Louise and Leti

Small group discussions from Padlet information (pre-work) followed by wider group Q&A to share effective practice, tools and approaches


1.45 – 1.55pmBrew Break and Burpees


1.55 – 3pm – Projects, Scholarship and/or Research interests, journals to target for HEDG member outputs (Aim 1, 4) – Isabel and Sue


3.00 – 3.30pm – Launching the HEDG Growth Seminar Series (Aim 2) – Isabel


3.30 – 3.45pm – Feedback, Summary and POETS Day (Aim 1) – The Exec


  • The day will be strategic, forward thinking with key focus on Ed Dev matters which will drive us towards collaborative success
  • Please engage with the short Pre-work Tasks and this will enable to the sessions to move at the right pace to achieve the day’s aims
  • Please be prepared to share your view with colleagues and as always to be respectful of the views of others
  • There may be visitors to the Day to support us; all discussions will be viewed as being within Chatham House rules
  • Any questions or queries in advance of the day can be sent to info@HEDG.ac.uk or by phone to 07954746297
  • We look forward to a productive, solutions-focussed and creative day