HEDG Spring Meeting 2022

4th March 2022

9.30 – 15.00 – online


09.30 – Welcome and introduction from the Chair. Jackie Potter, Oxford Brookes University


09.35 – HEDG website developments. Isabel Lucas, University of Cumbria


09.45 – What’s on top? Jane Pritchard, University of Oxford

Our popular format of small group discussion and practice sharing on topical matters.


10.15 – Integrated Academic Practice, including short break. Emily McIntosh, Middlesex University and Diane Nutt, Independent Consultant

What is integrated academic practice, and how does it apply to me and the teams I lead?  This session on integrated academic practice is for leaders in educational development and academic practice.  The session is focussed on exploring what integrated practice means, and how it applies to understanding our identity and leadership in academic practice in the context of a pandemic-disrupted academy.  It will consider the ever-changing nature of this important work, especially in the context of the events of the last two years, and discuss how we might lead into the future to effectively situate post-pandemic academic practice within university strategies, structures and systems.  We will consider: what are heads of educational development doing at the moment, and what are the hallmarks of our leadership?  How has our identity changed?  What are the core skills/experience required for the future?  How can we lead in uncertain times?  And, finally, what support is required in order for us to do so?

The session will cover:

  • An introduction on what integrated practice is, third space as a concept and third space working – and its impact on identity
  • Applying this thinking to academic practice
  • Provide a summary of some identified third spacer skills, experiences and qualities
  • A chance to discuss and apply what this means for you as a leader in educational development

11.45 – HEDG Annual General Meeting. (Papers to be circulated separately.)


12.15 – Lunch break


13.00 – Writing about Educational Development Leadership. Jackie Potter, Oxford Brookes University and Susan Mathieson, Northumbria University


13.10 – Group mentoring news. Susan Mathieson, Northumbria University


13.20 – Spring Meeting closing remarks.  Jackie Potter, Oxford Brookes University


13.30-15.00 – Professional Standards Framework Consultation Workshop with HEDG. Karen Hustler, Julie Baldry-Currens and Dallas Alexandrou, Advance HE