Spring Meeting (AGM 2003)

3rd March 2003

1. Apologies and confirmation of a quorum

2. Minutes of previous AGM, 3rd Business meeting autumn 2002 and 3rd Planning Group meeting

2.1 1st AGM 2002
2.2 3rd Business Meeting
2.3 3rd Planning Group Meeting

3. Matters Arising

3.1 Summer 2002 2nd Business Meeting

3.1.1 Individual and Associate Membership Statuses 3.2 Autumn 2002 3rd Business Meeting
3.2.1 Membership categories: discussion taken to Planning Group Proposal attached.

3.3 Autumn 2002 3rd Planning Group Meeting 3.3.1 Use of HEDG Jisc-mail list

3.3.2 Mailing list use
3.3.3 Membership categories: see proposal above
3.3.4 Plans for summer residential meeting

4. Constitutional Matters

4.1 Reconfirmation of officers, acceptance of resignation of David Gosling as Coconvernor. No new nominations have been received by the Convenor.
4.2 Nominations for Visiting Members Marcia Mentowski, Alverno College currently at the Institute for the Advancement of University Learning, Oxford University
4.3 Reconfirm membership fees
4.4 Approval of Planning Group actions
4.5 Report and confirmation of accounts 4.5 Reconfirmation of Jill Brookes Associates as administrative office for HEDG
4.6 No resolutions on the constitutional rules have been received for consideration within the month preceding this AGM as required by the constitution.

5. Submission of application for HEDG to membership of ICED

6. Plans for Summer Residential

7. AOB

8. Date of next meeting: June 5 & 6