Caitlin Kight

Role: Manager of Academic Development & Skills

Institution: University of Exeter


Key areas of expertise:

Self study
Reflective practice
Mindfulness in teaching
Social justice in education (e.g, decolonisation, antiracism, accessibility, inclusivity, equity)
LEGO Serious Play
Creative communication
Science outreach

Research interests:

Self study
Reflective practice
Social justice


I am a former behavioural ecologist who specialised in the field of animal communication. As leader of the academic development and skills teams, I now blend the expertise from my previous work with experience in teaching, outreach, and management: I help academics and support staff reflect on their education-facing activities and improve their teaching and learning techniques.

More specific activities include: directing the Advance HE-accredited ASPIRE Framework at the University of Exeter; leading the Lego Serious Play community of practice at the university; co-delivering University of Exeter Annual Fund projects evaluating the efficacy of our peer mentoring provision for mature students and using Lego Serious Play to promote student wellbeing; co-facilitating University of Exeter Centre for Social Mobility projects developing a decolonisation toolkit for the institution and mapping decolonisation activity in Geography. I am also a member of several university advisory groups associated with equality/diversity/inclusivity and transforming pedagogy.

In the interests of both broadening and deepening my pedagogical knowledge, I am currently working on an education doctorate examining self-awareness as a reflective practice for educators. I am also a licensed Lego Serious Play facilitator and a certified Ikigai Tribe coach.

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