Dr Kerry Gough

Role: Head of Academic Development and Research

Institution: Nottingham Trent University

Email: kerry.gough@ntu.ac.uk

Key areas of expertise:

. creative problem solving . disruptive curricula and risk-taking . educational leadership . collaborative education . curriculum design and authentic assessment . active collaborative learning and practical pedagogies . student transition and engagement . personal tutoring and academic mentoring .

Research interests:

. collaboration and creativity . disruption and divergence . widening participation and engagement . student transition and engagement .


As Head of Academic Development and Research at Nottingham Trent University (NTU), I manage the Educational Development Team, Educational Research and Evaluation Team and the Planning and Operations Team within the Centre for Academic Development and Quality (CADQ).

Working with a team of Educational Developers, we play an active role in supporting the institutional Design Sprint process, to ensure swift and collaborative curriculum design and approval, working alongside course teams and key institutional stakeholders. We deliver an extensive programme of professional development for staff who support learning and teaching at NTU. This covers, Curriculum Design, Assessment and Feedback, Personal Tutoring, Student Engagement and Transition, active collaborative learning through SCALE-UP (Student-Centred Active Learning Environments with Upside-down Pedagogies) and Team-Based Learning, Impact and Evaluation, and Success for All at NTU.

The Educational Research and Evaluation Team (ERET) work with students and staff at NTU to generate research insights that inform strategic institutional development and change. The NTU student experience research and insight reports produced by ERET inform the future development of institutional projects, while their findings directly influence the staff development opportunities that are designed in support of Success for All at NTU. Responding to the needs of diverse student characteristics, the research and associated insight reports produced by ERET are designed to support the enhancement of the student experience at NTU.

Prior to joining CADQ in 2021, as Learning & Teaching Manager in the Nottingham School of Art & Design, I acted as the strategic lead for learning and teaching activity. This included leading the development of the collaborative curriculum, through the design of the roll-out and implementation strategy for the whole-School collaborative module, CoLab. CoLab crafts a space for cross-discipline collaborative innovation, formalising collaborative activity across complex disciplines, industry networks, community outreach and external partnerships. I established The Collaboratory at NTU in 2017, as a School innovation hub to act as a platform through which to test the principles of cross-discipline collaborative working in partnership with our community and industry partners. Th Collaboratory won the Creative Learning Guild Institutional Achievement Award in 2018 for its innovative approach to collaborative educational endeavour.

Prior to joining NTU, I initiated a number of innovation projects with the Centre for Enhancement in Learning and Teaching whilst working at Birmingham City University, including the design and strategic roll-out of The Times Higher Education Award (2015) shortlisted student transition programme, Level Up (2012-). Throughout a 20-year career in Higher Education, my energy and interest has been focused upon enhancing the student experience and associated curricula, whilst working across Nottingham Trent University, Birmingham City University, the University of Nottingham, the University of Derby and the Broadway Cinema, Nottingham.

I hold AHRC-funded degrees including MA Film and a PhD in Film Reception from the University of Nottingham, and I have published and presented on a range of pedagogic practice surrounding student transitions, social media, employability and blended professionalism, as well as within my subject discipline, on film and comic book culture.

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