Dr Giles Martin

Role: Programme Leader, Higher Education Practice

Institution: Bath Spa University

Email: g.martin@bathspa.ac.uk

Key areas of expertise:

Educational development, developing new teachers in HE, technology in HE, curriculum design and development, professional development and reflective practice, development of PhD students/ALs/learning support staff in their teaching, quantum field theory.

Research interests:

Transitions in higher education, technology in education, professional development of teachers in higher education, student conceptualisations of learning, advanced mathematics education


I have 20 years of experience teaching in Higher Education and have worked in Educational Development at several institutions, covering both research and teaching intensive and over a range of subjects including from medicine, engineering and sciences, humanities, social sciences, teaching, to creative arts. My original background and doctorate are in mathematical physics, before further study in Educational Research and Online and Distance Education.
Early course leadership focused on PhD students, medics and other associate teachers’ development, alongside mainstream work with new academics and this remains an area of interest, along with more recent work ‘beyond PGCerts/early career’ within MA and CPD schemes to support ongoing and further development.
I am currently the lead for the Higher Education Practice team at Bath Spa University, located within the School of Education and responsible for our PGCHE, MA programme, AHE HEA Fellowship CPD scheme, HE research strand, working across the institution and also locally to support to other leads in the School strategically.
I am a Fellow of SEDA and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.
Externally, I am Co-Chair of SEDA’s Professional Development Framework committee and an accreditor for the PDF. I have held external examiner posts at the University of York and Cranfield University, and external reviewer/adviser on programme approvals at a number of institutions, work I find particularly rewarding as with local educational development work in order to gain varied contextual understanding and experience as build stronger educational development networks. I also act as a consultant on professional development, critical thinking, and reflective practice both inside and outside the education sector.

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